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  • Retail / Banking: PPS wants our retail clients to meet their recovery goals. Our sales and management teams work closely with our clients to customize the program that will be the most beneficial and return the most money to their bottom line. PPS has worked with clients on both a national and local level and is compliant with all state and federal laws governing the collection industry.
    • Pre-Charge Off Skip Program
    • Pre-Collect Program
    • Extended Business Office
  • Commercial: PPS can help you with your charged off debt, or your slow performers. We offer many solutions for our Business to Business customers.
  • Other: Our management team has over 100 years of experience working with various industries, including Education, Bad Checks, Automotive, Telecom and Utilities to name a few. PPS will custom tailor a collections program around your needs and requirements, regardless of your industry.
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“For over 15 years PPS has managed a national retail client, each year increasing our recovery rates by a commitment to upgrading automated processes, improving efficiencies and providing the best customer service in the industry.” – -Craig Johnson, PPS Principal