Using Technology to Our Advantage

PPS employs the latest technology to ensure transactions are performed quickly and correctly. New business can be transmitted to PPS directly onto our servers via secure FTP or via encrypted email.

Immediately after safe and successful data transfer we put the knowledge of our software to work, and it saves us time. The state-of-the-art FACS collection system PPS uses allows the ability to develop new business introduction via electronic file formats in a fraction of the time usually required by other agencies.

Overview of Products and Services utilized by PPS:

  • PPS uses FACS (Flexible Automated Collection System), a state-of-the-art software program, for collection. Licensed by Ontario Systems Corporation, PPS has unlimited support on both our FACS system and our Link option. Link connects us with collection vendors, such as skiptracing, credit bureau reporting, bankruptcy and letter services.
  • Integrated with FACS is compliant communication technology. This compliant communication technology system allows for a streamlined and efficient manner of contacting debtors which results in a substantial increase in debtor contact and collection rates.
  • PPS uses call recording technology integrated with our compliant communication technology. This system allows for the review of calls for training purposes as well as for the resolution of disputes. All calls, inbound or outbound through compliant communication technology, are recorded, subject to individual state restrictions.
  • PPS has unlimited reporting capabilities and is able to return demographic as well as statistical data to our clients in the format they require.
  • PPS uses multiple Microsoft Windows® based servers to manage the collection database and facilitate the exchange of information both in-house and with its collection clients. Full backups of the database and network devices are performed on a daily basis to removable media and stored off site.
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“PPS uses state-of-the-art software, hardware systems, and electronic compliant communication technology that accommodate our needs and also meet our security and statutory requirements.” – PPS Client